Mike and Joe have been paramedics for many years. In their desire to do more to help people they felt it would be a natural extension to what they do to teach life saving skills to everyone possible. They have done CPR and other life saving skills on real people and families.
We are paramedics and EMT’s training you how to save a life through CPR, first aid and safety training courses. We exist to create more time for families to be together and reducing and preventing injuries by teaching you life saving safety skills and behaviors. We bring over 50 years of combined real life street experience into every class we teach to give you a better understanding of life saving techniques. Our instruction is very hands on and fun. We provide “Classes” for anyone who needs it including: workplace, home, industry, schools and now foster care families. We offer certification and non-certification classes (general knowledge, lots of hands on practice). Our classes are OSHA compliant.
We teach where you are! We have taught families, individuals and professionals, small companies, and large companies. We have taught in many different areas of the country including Arizona, California, Colorado and Washington state. We have several different brands including American Heart Association, American Safety and Health Institute and our own Second Chance Specialists brand.
Due to recent challenges in education we have developed many one hour safety topics to offer your families, homes school groups, micro-school groups, home school co-ops, or other educational groups. Let us know if we can put together a custom topic for your group.
And now, we can provide basic first aid standby teams at your event to create a safer experience for everyone which will bridge the time gap until responding emergency paramedics arrive.

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